Proactive Package

Proactive Package


We will clean and repair thoroughly all your properties from top to bottom!

From 429.95*


Living Rooms and Bedrooms


What’s included:

Walls, baseboards, trims and doors nick repair and touch up aplication of primer paint*** smiley

Doors Int/ext adjustment for seal, function and dry lubricate smiley

Windows clean interior/exterior ** smiley

Dust furniture, blinds, windows and baseboards

Dust walls for cobwebs

Clean tabletops, wipe and polish window sills

Clean entry glass doors and balcony doors

Vacuum carpets, floors and stairs

Wash and vacuum all hardwood floors

Empty trash cans and any garbage (3 bags max.) smiley

Tidy up and wipe down laundry area

Vacuum upholstery

Clean and detail Doors, Trims and Baseboards smiley

Clean and detail Cabinets. smiley




Walls, baseboards, trims and door clean scuff and nick repair and aplication of primer paint*** smiley

Doors Int/ext adjustment, seal, function and dry lubricate smiley

Inspection in all water stations (P-trap drains, faucet, toilet and shower/bath) smiley

(infrared and moisture detection device to see and confirm) 

Windows clean interior and exterior** smiley

Clean interior Oven and Refrigerator smiley

Clean microwave (inside and out)

Clean stove tops

Clean countertops and sink area

Wash Floors, Grout and vacuum carpets smiley

Clean appliances and polish smiley

Run test dishwasher, kick board removed and endust system smiley

Pull refrigerator to carefully endust cooling system smiley

Clean and detail Door, Trims and baseboards smiley

Clean and detail Cabinets smiley




Walls, baseboards, trims and door nick repair and primer paint*** smiley

Doors Interior/Exterior adjustment for seal, hinges, door set functionality and dry lubricate smiley

Windows clean** interior/exterior, PVC box track maintenance for drainage. Dry lubricate sliders. smiley

Clean and disinfect toilets

Clean and disinfect sinks and countertops

Clean and polish mirrors and glass shower doors

Wash floor and grout

Tidy and straighten towels and bathroom accessories

Clean and disinfect showers and tubs

Clean and detail trims, door and baseboards smiley

Clean and detail cabinets smiley

Add toilet paper roll if empty 



* Normal wear and tear condition. Price from one bedroom apartment or condo size. If you need additional service let us know and we will quote you accordingly as a package.

**   Exterior if access possible from unit

*** Finnish Paint provided by client.

smiley Extra from Basic and Premium package